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Will McCoy

Campus Safety Officer, Will McCoy is double majoring in Psychology and Educational Studies. He plans to go on to become a School Psychologist then maybe a high school principal and eventually a school district superintendent. He also has a toddler at home and another part-time job. Learn more about Will and his inspiring story.

Spotlight Story

Will’s Background

Will was born in Norristown, PA and has lived in this area his whole life. He loves the Philly sports teams, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and the Phillies. His favorite types of music are Jazz, Blues and Soul.  When asked what else he would like to share he said “I come from a single parent household. Raised by a singled disabled mother who didn’t graduate high school, but all three of her children made it to college.”  

His Favorite Experience  

“Witnessing the birth of my son, on March 24, 2017. It was the first time in my life that I witnessed time stand still as the birth of my reflection came to be.”

How did he come to work at Ursinus? 

You know this story is quite amazing. Throughout, grade school I was a part of the organization Big Brothers and Big Sisters. During that time, I my “Big” would always bring me to Ursinus for the local football games since Norristown was right down the street. Ursinus was the first football college team I’d ever seen play. Fast forward to 13 years later. After I left The Lincoln University (HBCU) after my fall semester of my junior year I begun to take security seriously. Eventually I started working for a company named Advance Protection Company (APC). During my working for APC I did a few jobs at Ursinus including a homecoming. One night I was scrolling down jobs on indeed and saw a position for a campus safety officer and applied. After interview with the Director of Campus Safety John Bera and many other members in the community it was a perfect fit for me. During my interview, John mentioned free tuition and my schedule was only going to be three days a week Friday – Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. My reply was “can I start today?”

How does he manage his work load?

I honestly don’t know how I manage my work load. I’ve always been a hard worker. At one point I managed to work 72 hours a week (he had two jobs). In my situation time management is essential. I’m in school Monday thru Thursday mornings and evenings than I’m Dad at night after I pick my son up from daycare. On the weekends I’m in my Campus Safety Uniform handling business. It All works out.

Is there a difference when he is working as staff or attending classes as a student?

There’s no difference. I just remain the same person and everything around me remains the same. When people respect you or whatever you’re doing, that respect remains the same regardless if your dressed in plain clothes or in a burgundy campus safety shirt.

If he couldn’t do this job but could do anything else in the world what would be his dream job?

My dream job would be a motivational speaker. I would love to speak life into those who lack confidence and self-motivation. I would love for my voice to be able to move a person’s soul internally without physical touch. My passion for the betterment of people is what sparks my interest in this. Everyone close to me I want to see succeed in life as much as myself.

What is his favorite thing about working at Ursinus?

The connections I have been making with people all over campus. I have witnessed so many people grow in all different aspects that it makes me smile internally when I am on campus. I also realize that I am a role model for a lot of the minority students on campus and that brings me great joy to know how important my role on campus is.

What does he like best about the job he has now?

I honestly like the Campus Safety team that I work with. I came into this position last year and didn’t believe I would get a job like this, but my team believed in me and that means the world to me. I thought I was done with college due to my unfortunate circumstances but now I am already registered for my third semester.