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Alexandra Mastrangelo


Last summer, I interned at Mirmont Outpatient Center in Broomall, PA for approximately two months. Mirmont provides care for for individuals suffering with various disorders through the development and formation of a treatment plan spanning mental health and substance abuse. The program embodies various therapy styles and approaches into treatment and seeks to help these individuals on their path to recovery.

What was valuable about the experience:

From this experience, I realized that I wanted to work with adults with various disorders. I want to be a presence in these individuals lives that may be missing from theirs. 

The coolest part of the experience:

The coolest part of the experience was observing various therapy sessions. I gained a plethora of knowledge that I would not otherwise have if I did not partake in this experience. The experience helped me to further delve inside myself to find what I want to do in the future, Clinical Psychology. The skills and tools learned simply from observing is something I will always remember and hopefully apply later on down the road.

Who I met that made a difference:

At my internship, I met a therapist who through numerous encounters, learned different knowledge everyday. He always ensured I had all of my questions answered and it helped me to feel comfortable in a new environment. Additionally, my supervisor was a very honest and active presence at my internship and made me feel very welcomed everyday. He too taught me important life skills related to the field that I was not aware of before this journey. I will cherish these two encounters and definitely remember their wise words as I continue to hopefully pursue my passion in the field of Psychology. 


At Ursinus, I was a part of Ursinus College Dance Company, Escape Velocity Dance Company, a sister of Tau Sigma Gamma Sorority, a member of three Honor Societies, a member of the Neuroscience club, a lifeguard, exam proctor, and a student researcher in Dr. Stevenson’s lab. 

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Neuroscience, Psychology, and Dance