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  • Yacine Ahtaitay

Yacine Ahtaitay

Marhaba ☺

My name is Yacine Ahtaitay. I am a graduate student and teacher from Morocco. I teach English to different age groups, mostly adults. I majored in Linguistics and now pursuing a PhD in Arabic linguistics. I am in Ursinus as part of a Fulbright grant to assist in teaching Arabic language and culture for one academic year.

I come from a city in central Morocco called Agadir, populated by a mixture of Arabs and Berbers. I obviously come from the Arab side but can understand some Berber too. It is a great pleasure to represent my culture and contribute to the cultural atmosphere in Ursinus, and I am looking forward to an incredible and fruitful experience here.

Feel free to reach out to me concerning anything related to my language and culture. I would be very glad to share my culture with the rest of the community. 

Assalamu Alikoum ☺


Fulbright Foreign Language Assistant in Arabic, 2019-2020