Modern Languages

  • Léa Fougerolle

Léa Fougerolle

Hi, my name is Léa and I’m the Fulbright French TA for the year!

I earned my high school diploma with a specialization in English in Langres, my hometown, a small town in the East of France. I then obtained a degree in Cultural Studies at the Université de Lorraine, in Nancy, where my interest in the United States, its culture and history, has only increased. Finally, I moved to Paris two years ago and enrolled in a Master’s degree in Sociology at the EHESS. While working and studying at Ursinus, I am writing a thesis about the links between young people from the working classes and politicization of contemporary social issues. I will validate my Master’s degree when I return to Paris in June. During my studies, I helped teach French to high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Being a TA at Ursinus is the logical continuation of a journey, both academic and intimate, of shared love between France (its language, history, literature…) and the United States (its photographers, architecture, culture…), and thus, about the relationship between the two countries.

Being myself in love with my culture and my language, I am very happy to be here to share it with you during this year!

After my time at Ursinus, I plan to do a PhD in the United States (in French Studies, or in the socio-history of American politics, or maybe both…) and to continue living between the two cultures and countries!


Fulbright Foreing Language Teaching Assistant in French, 2019-2020