Chemistry major Daniel Lippe
Chemistry major Daniel Lippe

Daniel Lippe

About our research

I work with Dr. Walvoord on the conversion of hydroxy fluorophores to amino fluorophores via the Smiles Rearrangement. We are trying to find an alternative method to synthesize aminofluorophores for the scientific community.

My research experience

Throughout my research experience, I have definitely seen myself grow as both an individual and researcher. I initially started as a clueless research student to now being the leader of my research project. Along the way, I have learned new laboratory skills, gained a significant amount of knowledge, and met so many new friends. During Summer Fellows, an 8-week summer research program at Ursinus College, I got the chance to take over my research project and go rock climbing with my advisor, Dr. Walvoord.




Resident Advisor, Organic Chemistry Research, Tutor, Secretary of Student Government, STAT member

Life After Ursinus

After I graduate, I plan on attending medical school to become a physician.