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Catherine Curran


Health and Society, Spanish


Sustainable Food Fellow


I am interested in being a sustainability fellow because I have recently discovered a passion for sustainability and food systems. I want to utilize this outside of the classroom alternative and engaging opportunity to be involved on campus. I believe my career of public health has the opportunity and responsability to also be an advocate for the environment as it greatly affects the quality of our life and healthcare. Thus, learning the operations of sustainable efforts, like coordinating with the Wismer cafeteria, permits me to critically think of ways to cross the dicsiplines in a productive and benficial manner. I also want to learn more ways to incorporate sustainable efforts into my daily life because I recently realized the insane beauty of this Earth we inhabit.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

One of my favorite moments in class was Rich Wallace’s Food and Society class. It was the first class of the semester so Rich walks into the classroom, gives a warm welcome to all the students in the class, and then poses the peculiar question: “Which of the following food(s) is all you need to survive on an island?” I was shocked, so from then on I pursued a different, more critical thinking approach to life and have grown so much from it. You’ll have to take his class to find out more, or you could kindly ask him during office hours. That same moment is when I met some of the other amazing current and previous sustainability fellows. I witnessed their marvelous knowledge and wondrous passion for the environment, that quickly generated my passion for a just food system and my desire to become a food fellow.