Joe Pantel conducting research.
Joe Pantel conducting research.

Joseph Pantel

About our research

The summer before my first year, I participated in the FUTURE program as a mentee, working with Dr. Ellison. We were utilizing carbon nanotubes to deliver antibiotics to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Then in my freshman year, I moved to Dr. Reig’s lab studying Due Ferri single chain (DFsc) proteins, mimicking synthetic proteins to natural ones. Coming full circle in the summer of my sophomore year, I was involved in a Summer Fellows project with Dr. Reig, while also mentoring another student in the 2019 FUTURE program.

My research experience

I never thought that I would like research until I came to Ursinus College. Through this experience, I’m challenging my ability to learn about and utilize materials in areas that I’m not familiar with, becoming a more independent thinker.




Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Chess club (vice-president), Beardwood Chemical Society, and Summer Fellow 2019.

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus, I plan to join the US Navy, and then continue to graduate school.