After Ursinus

Chris Polster, Adidas
Chris Polster, Adidas

Chris Polster

Mechanical Engineering Manager, Adidas







Impact of Ursinus

At Ursinus, I learned one of the most important lessons in life – follow your passion. I graduated Ursinus with a physics major and biology minor, but was not convinced I wanted to do something directly related to those degrees. I worked with the incredible career support staff and professors at Ursinus to figure what my true goals were, and how to achieve them. These discussions uncovered exactly why I chose physics in the first place. I wanted to master the details of how the things we use in our everyday lives fit and work together, so that I could improve upon them. Additionally, my four years as an Ursinus soccer player made me recognize I had a true passion for athletics. I decided that my goal was to combine my passion for physics and athletics and aspired to be an engineer doing research and development for a major sports company.


It was an ambitious goal. But with Ursinus’ support, guidance, and connections, I accomplished it. My academic experience at Ursinus assisted me in excelling as a graduate student in the University of Pennsylvania bioengineering master’s program. My experience in developing and fostering great personal relationships (something that is hard to find at larger schools) helped me to obtain my position as a mechanical engineering manager at adidas in Portland, Oregon. I am extremely grateful for my Ursinus experience and know I would not have achieved my dream job if not for that important lesson – my education is not just about grades or subjects, it is about figuring out what your passion is and pursuing it.