After Ursinus

Headshot of Ben Allwein
Headshot of Ben Allwein

Ben Allwein

Fulbright Scholar, Ph.D. Student, structural biology and biophysics/ Lab Assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. 

Graduate School & Degree

Weill Cornell Medicine Graduate School of Medical Sciences


Ben is currently a Ph.D. student in structural biology at the Weill Cornell Medicine Graduate School of Medical Sciences. His research explores the fundamental basis of cancer pathogenesis using cryo-electron microscopy in collaboration with scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Ben is a former Fulbright-Nehru Scholar and is deeply interested in research, education, science outreach and communication, and political organization at local levels. 

After grdauating from Ursinus, his research as a Fulbright Scholar explored interspecific competition and horizontal gene transfer in Acinetobacter and Klebsiella genera and how they evolve resistance to antibiotics. Through this work, Ben was able to contribute to the global effort to mitigate the spread and harm of bacteria which have evolved multidrug resistance in India and elsewhere around the world.