Office of Disability and Access

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Dee Singley she/they

“What if it all works out…”

Dee uses the social model of understanding disability and access to inform practices and services at Ursinus College.  While much of Dee’s work focuses on facilitating accommodations for students under the American with Disabilities Amendments Act, Dee works strategically and intentionally to provide resources, education, and support for all stakeholders to think proactively for infusing equitable practices and design across the college environment. Part of Dee’s passion and focus is also to empower students to become self-directed and independent learners through advice and support.


Dee has worked in Disability Services at Cedar Crest College, Moravian College, and Chestnut Hill College. In addition to focusing on strategies and supports that create access for college students with diverse learning, physical, emotional, and social needs, Dee enjoys collaborating with staff and faculty to promote the use of equitable practices and empowering learning environments.

Dee loves spending time with her partner, Kyle, 2 kiddos, Alivia and Kaydence, two dogs, Lily and FlipFlop, and cat, Swarly. Dee enjoys skydiving, listening to music especially when they can dance along, and enjoys watching the latest live-action Disney flicks with her kiddos.

Dee is excited to be a part of the Ursinus family and says “My favorite part of working with students in college is helping them to self-advocate, embrace their strengths, and realize their full potential.”


  • B.S., Psychology, East Stroudsburg University
  • M.Ed., Counseling and Human Services, Lehigh University
  • Ph.D., Special Education, Lehigh University