• Adam Zucker

Adam Zucker

Why I became a chemistry major?

I became a chemistry major because I found the subject both fascinating and challenging. After my first chemistry course at Ursinus, I was enamored with the material and filled with the desire to learn more.

My experience as a chemistry major

I could not have asked for a better experience as a chemistry major. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my chemistry courses and the faculty are truly invested in your education. I feel like I have gotten more out of my chemistry courses than just simply the material. I feel like I have become a more thoughtful, inquisitive person with the work ethic to succeed anywhere.

Most memorable moment

My most memorable moment as a chemistry major was during a talk regarding research with my research mentor. He pointed out to me that I was the first one to make a specific molecule since it was not otherwise reported as being made. The feeling of making new matter was so surreal to me that I was at a loss for words.






Men’s Track and Field, Sigma Pi Fraternity International, Chemistry Tutor, PASS Instructor, Chemistry Research

Life After Ursinus

I hope to work federal law enforcement agency in the future.