• Helen Brabant-Bleakey

Helen Brabant-Bleakley


Anthropology/Sociology and French

Current Position

Philanthropy Officer


Breaking Barriers, London


I work in fundraising for a non-profit in the UK which works to help refugees gain fulfilling and stable employment. We partner with businesses and volunteers to help our clients hone job skills and pursue their professional careers when they arrive in the UK. I manage a portfolio of mid-value charitable trusts and foundations and get to use fundraising skills I first learned in UC advancement!

Favorite Ursinus Memory

While at Ursinus I worked 6 on campus jobs including being heavily involved in Admission and Advancement. I loved learning about all the different sides of UC and meeting people from across the faculty and staff who worked every day to make Ursinus such a great place to be.

Why I Support UC

I would not be where I am today without Ursinus and the people who raised me during that part of my life. I love connecting with fellow alums who love UC as much as I do and learning from current students about their passions.