Jessica Smalarz (Holt)


History and Politics


International Relations

Current Position

Special Assistant for Faculty Affairs


Swarthmore College

Graduate School & Degree

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education - MSEd (2021)

Favorite Ursinus Memory

Helping to bring Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority to campus in 2002.

Why I Support UC

Volunteering for Ursinus, whether as a #Giving2UCday advocate, National Council Member, or simply supporting events sponsored by the college is one way I am able to honor all that Ursinus provided me, both academically, professionally and socially. From my earliest volunteering opportunity in 2003 for Alumni Academy Weekend, where I really began to understand the lifelong commitment and connection alumni have, which includes befriending my favorite alumni from 1953, to participating in local New Student Accepted events where I was able to share all that Ursinus has to offer, I believe that volunteering is so important to what makes Ursinus so valuable. As alumni, so many of us have benefited from the knowledge gained from both the classroom and extracurricular activities in our professional and personal lives. As my life circumstances have changed due to job and family, I have had the ability to easily modify my volunteer activities, to support or lead when I can. By volunteering and having the ability to support the college, I take pride in knowing that I am doing my part to ensure that the college continues to grow and thrive for future generations, while holding onto the values and traditions that make it so special.