Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Jennifer Kearney

Jennifer Kearney

Internship Location: Music Mountain Theatre, Philadelphia, PA





My Story

Over the summer, Jennifer Kearney completed her internship with Music Mountain Theatre, assisting the organization with its summer education programs and helping her students form the same passion for performance that she has built during her time at Ursinus. Jennifer had many responsibilities during her internship, including everything from running lines with her students, to even acting as Music Mountain Theatre’s stage manager for their summer production of The Little Mermaid. Though it was a busy summer, Jennifer found that her work with the students allowed her to discover her passion for education, theatre, and working with special needs performers.

Academic Connection

Jennifer believes that her experiences in her theatre classes at Ursinus played a key role in her approach to her internship over the summer, stating that her classes with her professors “opened a more broad view of theatre and performance” that inspired her when working with her own students.


While interning at Music Mountain Theatre, Jennifer learned the value of a variety of skills, teamwork and collaboration playing an especially major role during her work. “During our run of Aladdin, I helped the director and we made this show magical. By working together, we were able to bring his vision to life,” says Jennifer. Problem-solving was also a daily feature of her internship, as Jennifer worked with many students who came to her seeking guidance. While this could be stressful at times, she adds that it was one of the most rewarding parts of her job.


Going forward, Jennifer looks forward to delving into her passion for education and performance through a career related to her work with Music Mountain Theatre. She credits the variety of responsibilities she had—including everything from instructing performances to being a caretaker for the children she supervised—with helping her to find her career calling. “I loved helping my little superstar kiddos this summer, and I think that if I can help kids with performing that would be an ideal job,” Jennifer says.

Fun Fact

Jennifer’s favorite flavors of ice cream are pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookie dough!

Profile written by Sarah Johns ’21