Sarah Howell Fall 2019
Sarah Howell Fall 2019

Sarah Howell

Diocese of Orlando, FL

I was an English and Educational Studies major and earned my teaching certification in English. I worked as an assistant in the Ursinus Institute for Student Success and was Vice President of my sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma. I did my student teaching at Spring-Ford High School teaching 12th grade British Literature. I am now teaching at the Diocese of Orlando in Florida as a Middle School Teacher.

I am so grateful to Ursinus because it is through the schools and the members of the Education and English department that I was able to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. The constant support that the professors gave me and willingness to provide is something unique to the Ursinus community. From what courses to take to the application process, the members of the UC community were there for me every step of the way and for that I am grateful. Ursinus taught me to value students for more than their test scores and that as a teacher it is my responsibility to give them emotional support in addition to academics.


English and Educational Studies