Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Noah Kilday

Noah Kilday

Internship Location: Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Wayne, NJ


Health and Exercise Physiology

My Story

During summer break, Noah completed his internship with Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Wayne, New Jersey. During his time with the practice, Noah notes that he was involved in a variety of responsibilities including talking to patients and working through their exercises with them, breaking down tables, and taking patients off set ups. Throughout his time at Wayne Orthopedic, Noah states that he truly got a feel for what working in a physical therapy setting would be like.

Academic Connection

Noah credits his experiences in his anatomy classes here at Ursinus with giving him the skills needed to succeed at Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Noah adds that, “I was proficient in the scientific terms that are used in the field, which made me a very useful tool for a doctor who did not have time to run a patient through exercises. Being a streamline resource in the office was part of why I enjoyed my experience so much.”


While at Wayne Orthopedic, Noah learned the value of good oral communication skills. “It is always important to talk to the patients about how they are feeling not only physically, but emotionally. Being able to listen to their problems and offer solutions or relay them to the physical therapist in charge of the patient is at the center of the job,” Noah says. By being able to connect to each of his patients, he felt like he was able to provide the best possible care to those he worked with.


Going forward, Noah is excited to continue on his journey to becoming a physical therapist. He describes his internship experience as a valuable one that has “reinforced” his excitement for wanting to go into the field, and he looks forward to using the skills he has grown through his time at Ursinus and Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy in his future work.

Fun Fact

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Profile written by Sarah Johns ’21