Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Christina Wentz

Christina Wentz

Internship Location: Teva Pharmaceuticals, West Chester, PA





My Story

Over the summer, Christina had the opportunity to work with Teva Pharmaceuticals, an experience that allowed her to experience the many different parts of pharmaceutical work. “Sometimes, I would be in the lab for 8 hours and other times I would be sitting at a desk working on spread sheets,” Christina says. When not in the lab or crunching numbers, Christina was also responsible for keeping her lab book up to date. While she adds that her time with Teva Pharmaceuticals gave her the experiences she says she needed to know that this was the field for her.

Academic Connection

Christina credits Ursinus with giving her many of the skills she needed to succeed at Teva Pharmaceuticals, stating that, “My professors have helped me build a remarkable set of basic skills, including communication and critical thinking skills.” Having to work with a variety of people across all parts of the pharmaceutical process meant that she was utilizing many of the things her professors taught her in the classroom. “Without Ursinus, I would not have had as great as an experience as I did,” she adds.


During Christina’s time on the job, she found that a lot of her work required her to exercise quick-thinking and problem-solving skills. She says that even though she had guidance from a project manager, “there were many times that I had to independently resolve an issue that arose in the lab.”


In the future, Christina hopes to use her time at Teva Pharmaceuticals as inspiration to continue on into a possible career in the pharmaceutical industry. She adds that while she knew she was interested in the field, she didn’t know that she would enjoy it as much as she did. “It has really helped me confirm that I want to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry,” Christina says.

Fun Fact

Christina’s favorite movie is Remember the Titans!

Profile written by Sarah Johns ’21