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Claude Wolfer

What I Love about Writing

For me, writing is the most concise and personal method of reflection and self-expression. Thoughts develop during the writing process and grant the writer a transformative experience of immortalizing their inner dialogue and introspection. The possibilities of inventiveness and thinking are boundless; free from the constraint of time in the infinite opportunity to expand and edit one’s words to capture concepts and sentiments. I appreciate reading other people’s writing as a profound insight into their thought processes.




Spanish and GWSS


I’m a cat enthusiast who has the lifestyle of a cat. I enjoy reading, creating memes, writing, making playlists, fashion and dying my hair as an indulgence of vanity, wandering aimlessly through the book stacks of Myrin for inspiration, perusing used bookstores, occasionally manifesting my minimal artistic talent through drawing or collage, long desultory walks to nowhere in particular, and perching on window sills to wallow in existential despair.


At the moment I’m researching a community of trans sex workers in Brazil for my anthropology class, which is fascinating as anthropology is new to me and uses a multicultural approach to examining gender and sexuality. As a philosophy major, I’m particularly interested in the subjectivity of queer identities and how they are constructed and experienced and hope to expand my research in this field in future endeavors.

How I Stay Involved

I am the treasurer of the Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA), and the treasurer and secretary of Feminists in Action.