Center for Writing and Speaking

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Christine Heren

What I love about writing

I always found writing to be an incredible way to organize my thoughts and explore new ideas. Sometimes when I am stressed out, taking a pen to paper (yes, I still do that in this day and age!) works as a good therapy session.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Most Memorable Moment in Class

During my first semester CIE course, I remember crying with my CIE class as we watched a movie that tackled some difficult topics, including society’s perception of immigrants, progressive disease, and the death sentence. It was a really interesting experience, since people tend to avoid crying in front of their peers.

How I Stay Involved

In addition to being a Writing Fellow, I am a UC Ambassador, so I help out at several of Ursinus’s big events, such as Freshman Orientation, Homecoming, and Graduation. I also am involved in campus research, studying the effects of exposing breast cancer cells to structurally-similar compounds to BPA. I am involved in Best Buddies and also volunteer at Sebastian’s Riding Associates.

Fun Fact

I can read, speak, and write in Ukrainian.