Center for Writing and Speaking

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Matthew Schmitz

What I Love About Writing

I love the power writing holds as a form of conversation between a writer and their audience. I also love how literacy and written communication opens up a new space for individuals and enables them to communicate across time and distance. Writing has to be among the most powerful tools available to us, and it is available in so many different forms. I love writing for its ability to be as simple or complex as the writer chooses and for it to carry as much or as little weight as the writer deems necessary.


Educational Studies and Psychology

How I Stay Involved

I help plan and co-teach ESL (English as a Subsequent Language) classes with the Ursinus Custodial Staff and SAT prep classes through a church-school in Norristown. Both give me the opportunity to spend time with individuals from completely different perspectives and to serve the community in and around Ursinus.

Life After Ursinus

I hope to teach for a while and then get involved in rural education research and policy, specifically the ways in which education disparities take root in and have an impact on rural communities.

Fun Fact

I love all types of music, but country music is by far my favorite!