Center for Writing and Speaking

Hannah Merges

What I Love About Writing

I feel like writing gives me an outlet to express myself in ways I am not able to do through exams or oral presentations. I have always preferred writing to any other form of communication because I feel as though I can express my thoughts more clearly. I also enjoy reading and researching, so being able to explain that information to others is another aspect that I love about writing!


Environmental Studies


Anthropology and Marine Studies

How I Stay Involved

I like to keep myself busy and connected through involvement with other jobs and organizations. In addition to being a Writing Fellow, I am a Parlee Fellow for the Center for Science and the Common Good, a Bonner Leader, and I do research in Dr. Goddard’s lab on campus.

My Story

I came to Ursinus because I was looking for a tight-knit community that would allow me to build relationships with my peers as well as my professors and would grant me access to research and other things I would normally not have been granted if at a larger university. I knew I wanted to study Environmental Science in college, so I started on that path right away in the first semester of freshman year. I followed that with internships and research and am working towards creating the Marine Science minor for the college. I LOVE to talk about marine science, so if that is up your alley, shoot me an email!

Fun Fact

I can say the alphabet backwards quite quickly!