Danielle Klein headshot
Danielle Klein headshot

Danielle M. Klein

Dr. Danielle Klein graduated from Indiana University in 2003. Her research focused on the electrochemistry of some nickel- and cobalt-containing complexes, but she would characterize herself as a non-specialized analytical chemist with experience in many separation and spectroscopic techniques.

Danielle Klein served as an adjunct professor from 2004 until 2007 at both Ursinus College and Montgomery County Community College where she taught various general chemistry courses and a few more advanced courses. She enjoys teaching general chemistry the most because it is here that a spark for deeper study can be nurtured and grown.




  • A.S., Kishwaukee Community College
  • B.S., Northern Illinois University
  • Ph.D., Indiana University


General Chemistry (CHEM105)
General Chemistry Lab (CHEM105L)

Research Interests

Analytical Chemistry