Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Morgana Olbrich

Morgana Olbrich

Internship Location: : The Mill at Anselma Preservation and Educational Trust, Chester Springs, PA



My Story

During the summer break, Morgana worked with the Mill at Anselma, pursuing a variety of responsibilities with the historical site. From sending emails, to interviewing employees, to hours of transcription oral histories, Morgana was always busy with a new project. She credits her time at the Mill with helping her to direct her passion for teaching. “This internship not only solidified my desire to be a history teacher, but also made me realize that I would like to be an American history teacher,” she says.

Academic Connection

Morgana adds that it is thanks to Ursinus that she felt prepared to take on her internship at The Mill at Anselma. She states that, “My time at Ursinus has taught me how to manage my time effectively, interact with others in a clear and positive way, never give up on tasks, never be afraid to ask for help, and stick to my principles.” Not only that, but Morgana’s experiences within the History Department gave her a new passion to pursue on the project: “I was in a history class where the final project required us to work with oral histories. I completely fell in love with oral histories and decided to collect them for my final project at the Mill.”


While interning at The Mill at Anselma, Morgana was able to practice her professionalism and work ethic skills. “I came into the Mill as an outsider and needed to stay very professional in order to gain the respect and trust of my interviewees as well as the integrity of my project. Similarly, while I did have a supervisor, I mainly had to keep myself on track with deadlines and following through with commitments I had made to my interviewees,” she adds. Morgana feels like her time at the Mill gave her many opportunities to hone further the skills she was developing here at Ursinus.


Going into the internship, Morgana knew she wanted to be a history teacher, but her time at the Mill has given her a new insight into what she wants to do in the future. She states that, “The internship helped me realize the beauty of American history and inspired me to want to spread my new love of the subject with others.” Going forward, Morgana looks forward to being able to highlight her passion for oral history to her future students as well!

Fun Fact

Favorite Song: “Young Volcanoes” by Fall Out Boy

Profile written by Sarah Johns ’21