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2023 Winter Intramural Basketball Team Registration

2023 Winter Intramural Basketball Individual Registration

Intramural Basketball Rules

General Information:

  1. All teams should be aware of the general rules for intramurals.
  2. Any abusive language, action or arguing with the officials or supervisors will result in a warning for the first offense and expulsion out of the game and of the building for subsequent offenses. However, the team should understand that officials and supervisors have the authority to expel individuals or teams at any time without any advance warning for unsportsmanlike conduct.

NCAA Basketball rules apply, with the following exceptions:


  1. A team may start the game with less than five players; the team may not carry more than 12 players. During Coed games at least two members of the opposite sex must be on the court at all times.
  2. Teams must wear the same colored shirts that serve as uniforms. If possible, teams should number their shirts.

Game Play:

  1. The game will consist of two, 20 minute halves. Each team will receive two, 30 second timeouts. There will be a running clock during the first 39 minutes of play. Only fouls during the last minute of play and timeouts will stop the clock. There will be a 3 minute half time break. There is no shot clock during the game.
  2. In the event that the game is tied after regulation, a three minute over time period will be played. During the overtime, the clock will be running except for the last minute of play. Each team will be given one, 30 second time out during overtime. These rules will apply for any additional overtime needed.


  1. A player will foul out once he receives his fifth personal foul. When a team collects five team fouls, the opposing team with go into a “1 and 1” situation.
  2.  Any foul committed during the last minute of the game with result in two foul shots for the opposing team.

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