Mathematics and Computer Science

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Joseph Grenier

In 2007 I joined the Marine Corps and trained as an Arabic Linguist. After five years of service I was honorably discharged as a Sergeant of Marines. I then went on to spend a few months in Mwanza, Tanzania, as a volunteer teaching high school math and physics. Upon returning home I took up a summer job doing sports photography throughout the state of Florida.

In fall of 2013 I began teaching high school and started my masters program at Florida Gulf Coast University right by where I grew up. I stopped teaching after a year and by July of 2015 I received my MSc. I headed to Louisiana State University in August of 2015 and spent the next four years working on my PhD.

I have lived now lived in nine states and two (other) countries. I have visited every state but Hawaii, most of lower Canada, and five other countries. I travel a LOT and have driven the entire lengths of I10, I20, I40, I90, I5, I75, and I95.

Outside of math and physics, I read extensively books on philosophy, metaphysics, and whatever topic peaks my interest at the moment. I read at least a book a month and my current favorite author is Brandon Sanderson. I am a vegetarian and I cook at least one full meal a day.

Tldr; I love life and try to do everything


Mathematics and Computer Science


Ph.D. Mathematics, Physics Minor, Louisiana State University
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics, Florida Gulf Coast University
B.A. Mathematics, SUNY Empire State College
A.A. Arabic, Defense Language Institute


Calculus 1
Differential Equations and Modeling
Discrete Math
Intro to Statistics

Research Interests

Mathematical Physics
Constructive QFT
Topological QFT
Functional QFT
STEM Policy