• Caroline Bormann

Caroline Bormann


History and Theater


B’Naturals Women’s Acapella, Ursinus Theater Productions, Ursinus Admissions Gold Ambassador, Berman Museum of Art Gallery Guide


Phi Alpha Theta Secretary


As a History and Theater Double Major at Ursinus, I have been in the company of so many amazing professors and students. From volunteering to tour guiding to performing on stage in the Blackbox, Ursinus has provided me with a well-rounded experience that has made my undergraduate years some of the best.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

During my college decision process, I sat in on the late Dr. Doughty’s European History course on the Napoleonic Era. As I observed classes at many of the universities I considered, I thought this experience at Ursinus would be like any other. However, Dr. Doughty’s class was so impactful and helped me decide on Ursinus due to his wonderful teaching structure and methods. Unlike other schools I was considering, Ursinus had a small class size that allowed for conversation to flourish. Students clearly had a friendly and personal relationship with Dr. Doughty, and it made for a meaningful visit. This experience was just a glimpse into all that the Ursinus History Department had to offer.


In the Fall of 2019, I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland at Griffith College. I would recommend a semester abroad for any student, as it is a liberating, eye-opening, and fulfilling experience. Although Ursinus College is a wonderfully safe and supportive community, a semester abroad is like taking a leap of faith into the real world. As you live in another country for four months, you learn to take some risks, put yourself out there, and explore an entirely new culture! The skills and lessons that you learn abroad are sometimes outside of the classroom, and beyond the realm of Ursinus. Therefore, take a chance on it and look into what opportunities your major has abroad, you will not regret it.

My Experience

My experience with Ursinus at large has been wonderful, beginning to end. Each professor genuinely cares about your success in their course, and do their best to make sure you are comfortable and confident in the course material. Due to the small scale of the Ursinus community, you also become dear friends with fellow majors in your department and your mentors. Therefore, Ursinus isn’t only an atmosphere for education and learning, but also about making connections and having fun, all through means of positivity.
The best thing about the History Department is how close-knit it is. With a handful of professors, you get to work with them one-on-one, an experience not all universities offer. Therefore, due to the small scale of the campus and it’s stellar collection of faculty members, Ursinus provides the necessary means for students to flourish and fully enjoy their four years of undergraduate.