Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • George Psaradakis

George Psaradakis

Internship Location: EPA Financial Services, Corp, Toms River, NJ


Applied Economics with a Finance Concentration


Psychology and Media and Communications

My Story

During his summer, George got the chance to work with EPA Financial Services, sitting in on morning meetings, developing relationships with clients, and even conducting economic research in order to make sure the portfolio allocations for clients was appropriate for their goals. “I had to be able to remain willing to learn,” says George. He knows that the variety of opportunities offered to him by EPA Financial Services have aided him in deciding what he wants to do after his time at Ursinus.

Academic Connection

“With my education from Ursinus, I was able to apply the classroom to the real world. A lot of the skills I learned in the classrooms at Ursinus were able to be used in my day-to-day activities at the office,” George adds. Being able to develop multi-tasking skills through his classwork and his participation as a member of Ursinus’ Track and Field team was a major plus when balancing the many daily responsibilities he had while on the job.


While interning at EPA Financial Services, George was able to develop a variety of critical thinking and communication skills. He says that, “I had to be able to conduct research and apply the knowledge from that to the portfolio allocation suggestions to my bosses. I had to be able to verbalize these concerns and my findings as well as work with my bosses and learn from them to see what mutual fund would work best in what type of portfolio.” He notes that all of these approaches were dependent on the other, allowing him to develop a well-rounded set of professional skills.


Going forward, George definitely feels that his time at EPA Financial Services has allowed him to decide what his future career path will be. “I did know what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about doing it. Being able to intern with EPA Financial allowed me to understand everything that goes into financial planning and how personal the relationships can be with clients.”

Fun Fact

George’s favorite movie is Scent of a Woman.

Profile written by Sarah Johns ’21