• David Rocha

David Rocha


History and Psychology




Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship


: I was born hearing impaired, so I started reading at a very early age. Because I grew up as a Christian, a lot of that reading was from the Bible, so I was exposed to learning from a very early age. Since then, I’ve learned a great deal of history and lore, especially from the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and World War 2. I’ve also learned a great deal of history from other universes, such as the DC Universe, the Marvel Universe, the Tolkien Universe, and Star Wars Universe.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

I remember, for my first history class, I had to write about the history of salt. It’s actually a lot more interesting and much bigger than you would think.

How I Stay Involved

My Experience

I’ve had a few history classes of different types. Every time, I learned about stuff that I had expected to learn about, but also learned about all-new places, cultures and history that I have never heard about or thought about