• Amanda

Amanda Galczyk


History and Educational Studies


Ursinus College Women’s Rugby Team, Tau Sigma Gamma Sorority, and Phi Alpha Theta History Honor’s Society


Captain and Vice President of Ursinus College Women ’s Rug by, President of Phi Alpha Theta, and Treasurer of Tau Sigma Gamma Sorority


Beyond my academics, I am very passionate about music. While I can only play the Viola at a middle school competency, I listen to a lot of music to compensate for my lack of musical ability. I also enjoy playing rugby, shopping at Trader Joe’s, trying to keep my succulents alive, and asking Garrett for tic tacs.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

I am going to cheat the question slightly and offer my most memorable class which was the American Indian Activism Capstone with Dr. Daggar! The content of the class was engaging and has forever altered my perception of American history.


I am currently doing honors research in the Education department that explores the disconnect between the meritocratic ideal and the process of admissions in higher education in American society. Part of this research requires me to explore the history of education in order to set a precedence for meritocracy and to explore the evolution of higher education in American society.

My Experience

Although I did not declare my major until a few months into my Sophomore year, I found a home in the history department my Freshman year. I was immediately drawn to the challenges the coursework provided me and to the tight-knit community of professors and students. I cannot reflect on my Ursinus experience without immediately thinking of the wonderful people I met in the history department, as I have spent countless hours with them both inside and outside of the classroom (history majors make for a great trivia team).