• Sarah Johns

Sarah Johns




Education and Psychology


Writing Fellow, Phi Alpha Theta History Honor’s Society, Communications Peer Associate for the Career and Post-Graduate Development Office, Ursinus Admissions Gold Ambassador, and Student Mentor for the Freedom, Citizenship, and Equality program


Phi Alpha Theta Treasurer


As a first-generation student, Ursinus and all of the opportunities it has offered me has made my three years here so far some of the most remarkable of my entire life. From research, to helping students work on their papers, to aiding in developing fundraisers for Phi Alpha Theta, I truly feel as if I have gotten the chance try on a variety of hats and experience new and wonderful things that have definitely shaped who I am as a person today.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

One of the most memorable moments I had in class was having the opportunity to present my research on the experiences of Indian soldiers soldiers and their use of codes within their letters during World War I for Dr. Mellis’ class on World War I in a global context. (HIST 350: A World at War: A Global History of World War I). Being able to work on my own research throughout the semester and then present it in a digital medium to my classmates was one of the most rewarding things I have gotten the chance to do during my time at Ursinus. The History Department gives you so many opportunities to pursue your topics of interest, and every single professor is always willing to support and guide your work. Looking back on something that I had researched throughout the semester and seeing the final product was a gratifying experience unlike any other. Not only that, but learning about the variety of exciting topics my classmates also researched allowed me to get a glimpse into their own interests and passions. It truly felt like a small, collaborative environment in which we as students were challenged to create the best work we could.


While I am still developing my goals, I plan on pursuing both an education internship, as well as independent research within the History Department moving forward. I think this is part of what makes being a History major at Ursinus so special. There are so many opportunities you can take advantage of, and professors are always with you every step of the way. The flexibility in being able to determine how I want to shape my undergraduate career is incredibly valuable, and with the small and supportive environment the History department provides, it is so easy to work with professors and create a plan that fits you as the student.

My Experience

Ursinus College, and especially the History Department, have given me so many opportunities to challenge myself and take advantage of my college education. Since I commute, I was worried that I would feel distanced from campus life, but the History Department makes every day on campus feel like a I’m at a second home. The professors are supportive, want you to succeed, and work to make the classroom environment an engaging one. I’ve also come to get to know other History majors as well, and many of them are some of my closest friends. The small class sizes and discussion-based courses mean you get the chance to know those around you, developing connections and friendships that can last long after you leave Ursinus. This, along with the focus on research, is what makes the History Department so unique. It’s not just a major, but feels like a community of learners like no other.