• Gabe Tenaglia

Gabriel Tenaglia






Wismer on Wheels,  Writing Fellows, Melrose Fellows


My passion is both creating and consuming stories, which is what drew me to major in English. I dream that one day I’ll write the next great American novel, although that’s a little unrealistic, so I’m aiming for a passable one. In the meantime, I keep myself occupied by struggling to learn Japanese, working at the Ursinus Writing Center, and pondering my life post-graduation.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

In one of my classes, we once spent almost the entire class period discussing the meaning and origins of the phrase ‘ok boomer.’ It was one of the most surreal and intellectually stimulating discussions I’ve ever had in the classroom.


I studied abroad for a year in Japan through an exchange program between Ursinus and an international school in Akita prefecture. Akita is very much a rural area, so I got to experience country life in Japan and get involved with local communities through various outreach activities. I learned a lot about Japan, myself, and the world, and I can say with certainty that being able to study abroad has been the highlight of my college experience!

My Experience

I knew coming into Ursinus that I wanted to study English, and I knew early on that I made the right choice! English classes provide an open environment for the exploration of ideas, and the faculty are supportive and infectiously passionate about what they do. Being an English major, I’ve been able to satisfy my desire to develop my writing and read great stories, and I have also been able to get my feet wet in various other disciplines. Studying literature really does give you the freedom and opportunity to learn about and draw on a wide range of subjects: history, sociology, philosophy, linguistics, women’s studies, African American studies, and more.