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Valerie Eichler


English and Education


Ursinus College YDSA
Planned Parenthood Generation
Nerf Club
Concert Band


Co-Chair of the Ursinus College YDSA Vice President and Secretary of Planned Parenthood Generation


I was always interested in English and literature, but I hadn’t planned on attending college to study either subject. It wasn’t until I had taken both CIE courses that I realized I was passionate about social justice, education, and writing. English was a great way for me to continue studying and discussing those topics!

Most Memorable Moment in Class

In general, I’ve loved every class I’ve taken in which the professor brought their dog to class.


I’ve done an externship at Elias Mickle Kennedy Law Office. This upcoming summer I will be completing an internship at Camp Cayuga where I hope to hone in my skills as a mentor and teacher .

My Experience

 I entered Ursinus wanting to become a doctor and study neuroscience. However, I eventually realized that my passions aligned more closely with studying the humanities after being exposed to the liberal arts tradition, particularly CIE.
The English Department has offered me a space to explore my passion of learning more about the human experience as well as social justice. The English Department here does more than just teach students about literature. It delves into literature and encourages students to truly connect to the material and its meaning outside of the classroom.