Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Angela DiFelice ’21

Angelina DiFelice

Internship Location: Cooper University Hospital and Cooper Bone and Joint Institute, Newtown Square, PA


Biology (Pre-Med)

My Story

Over the summer, Angelina interned at the Cooper University Hospital and Cooper Bone and Joint Institute, where she was kept busy working with doctors, nurses, and patients under a specialty in Orthopedics and Orthopedic Trauma. Angela says that, “A typical day depended upon the location. Some days I was in the clinic, seeing patients and talking with them. Other days I was in the OR talking more with physicians, nurses, technicians and anesthesiologists while they performed procedures.”

Academic Connection

Angelina credits her time at Ursinus with helping her cultivate the skills she needed to succeed in a professional medical setting. “Ursinus has taught me that the best way to learn and gain a deeper understanding of material is to develop thoughtful questions that will further my knowledge,” she adds.


“Critical thinking and problem solving is very important, especially in the medical field. In the clinic, we worked with patients ages 6 months to 100 years old, thus one must figure out how to properly treat and assess these various patients,” Angela says. She believes that her time with Cooper Bone and Joint Institute has allowed her to develop the ability to think fast on her feet, something she knows will be an important part of her future career.


Going into her internship with Cooper Bone and Joint Institute, Angelina was pretty sure that she wanted to work in the medical field, possibly even a surgical specialty; however, she is grateful this internship illuminated the possible options she could pursue after her time at Ursinus. “I was unsure of which specialty interested me. After completing my internship, I have developed a passion for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Trauma,” Angelina states.

Fun Fact

Angelina’s favorite song is Belief by Ben Fankhauser!