Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Linda McIntyre

Linda McIntyre

Internship Location: The Family Hope Center, Norristown, PA


Biology and Neuroscience

My Story

Over the summer, Linda had the chance to expand her horizons and discover her passion for working with those with developmental delays and special needs at The Family Hope Center. “A typical day involved observing an evaluation. A typical evaluation was comprised of testing a child’s visual, auditory, locomotor, olfactory, and tactile abilities,” she says. When she wasn’t observing evaluations, Linda was aiding in the creation of new evaluation cards to be used by the children that visited the Center. “It was inspiring to see some children that had been in the program for many years, as their parents would excitedly tell me about their child’s behavior and function prior to their first evaluation. These children would go from being unable to speak or move on their own to laughing and running around the office. It was beautiful!”

Academic Connection

Linda credits her experiences at Ursinus with preparing her for her internship at The Family Hope Center. “Having a basic understanding of neurological development, structure, and function through my classes at Ursinus helped me enter the internship with an initial grasp of how FHC’s program benefits these children,” she adds.


“While this internship did not directly relate to my future career in research, I devoted myself to working my absolute hardest at the tasks I was assigned at FHC, and as a result I learned far more than I could have imagined,” states Linda. Her ability to work hard and stay dedicated to the values of The Family Hope Center allowed her to learn about a field she originally had not considered pursuing.


Looking forward, Linda knows her experience at The Family Hope Center has changed her forever: “The Family Hope Center has had a special place in my heart and the hearts of my family, and this internship added FHC as an additional future career option after graduation.” While she is still considering pursuing research in the future, her internship has allowed her to view another possible career path after Ursinus.

Fun Fact

Linda’s favorite song is Rescue by Lauren Daigle!