Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Intern Daniyele Levin-Glickstein, and Fran Held, Founder and Executive Director, Mitzvah Circle Foundation

Deniyele Levin-Glickstein

Internship Location: Mitzvah Circle Foundation, Harleysville, PA




Biology and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies (GWSS)

My Story

During her time at the Mitzvah Circle Foundation, Deniyele pursued a variety of roles while on the job. “I called families in the area who needed help for various reasons. Some people had severe medical conditions, others got laid off from their jobs, were homeless, or didn’t have enough money for basic everyday needs,” she says. Most often, she was busy completing intake forms for new and existing clients so that the organization could determine what services to connect each client with.

Academic Connection

“My Ursinus classes, specifically in psychology and GWSS taught me the basics,” Deniyele adds. Her time at Ursinus gave her the confidence and knowledge she needed to learn the ins and outs of the work she would pursue at the Mitzvah Circle Foundation.


When it comes to skills she feels she improved during her internship, Deniyele stresses the importance of oral communication skills: “I learned how to be professional while talking on the phone during training, and I improved so much since I began my internship.” Her internship allowed her the chance to grow her communication skills and prepare for the professional working environment.


Before her time interning at the Mitzvah Circle Foundation, Deniyele had always had a general idea about what she wanted to do after her time at Ursinus. “I knew what I wanted to do before my internship, but because of my internship, I became passionate about what I want to do after I graduate,” she states.

Fun Fact

Deniyele’s favorite food is Vegan Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream!