• Neva McGowan

Neva McGowan


HEP and History


I am a member of Ursinus College Ambassadors.


Hi everyone! I am a sophomore majoring in Health and Exercise Physiology along with History (crazy combo, I know)! When I am not in class I love spending time mountain biking, rock climbing, riding my horse, and most importantly hanging out with my friends! If I am your Ambassador during orientation or you see me on campus next year, don’t be afraid to say “hey”!

Most Memorable Moment in Class

My most memorable moment in class happened at the end of my first semester in my intro to French class. For our final, students where paired and asked to make a brief skit (in French) to present. One partner in a paired group did not showing up for the final, leaving the present student in a state of panic. Despite this, he pushed through and ended up playing both parts of the skit, running from one side of the room to the other, screaming in French. Needless to say the entire class, professor and TA included, were doubled over in laughter by the end of it.


I am looking forward to studying abroad in Australia next spring.

How I Stay Involved

I think one of the best things about Ursinus is that it is both encouraged and easy to stay involved on campus!  I am personally involved in UCA and try to volunteer whenever the opportunity arises for the History Department. Getting involved has really made me feel a part of the UC community and shaped my experience at Ursinus.  

My Experience

My experience both at Ursinus and in the History department has been nothing but positive.  Everyone here, particularly in the History department is so welcoming.  When I first entered Ursinus as a freshman, becoming a History major was not on my radar at all.  This quickly changed after I took my first History class with Dr. Mellis and connected with Dr. Throop.  They both encouraged me to take more history classes and possibly add the major.  At first I was concerned to take on another major since I was already majoring in the sciences, and I was not sure if I would be able to accomplish everything I wanted to do.  I ended up taking on the History major and I am so happy that I did!  My advisors in both departments have been wonderful in making everything work and the major has opened up so many doors for me, moving forward.