• Jonny

Jonny Gherman


English and History




Wrestling Assistant coach of the Ursinus College Women’s Rugby team


UC Gold ambassador


Hello! My name i s Jonny Gherman. I’m from Gaithersburg Maryland and a current Freshman at Ursinus College.I’m a wrestler at Ursinus College, as well as the assistant coach for the college’s women’s rugby team. I plan on double majoring in English and History with a Minor in education. I eventually plan on getting a master’s in either English or History and then pursuing a teaching career. I enjoy reading, writing, football, hanging out with friends and all things Marvel.I chose Ursinus because it felt like home to me. It felt like a place where I can explore my interests as well as grow as a person.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

My most memorable moment was during CIE 100 this year. While giving a presentation on Descartes “ Discourse on Method”, one of my class mates responded to the the text with a personal story that related to one of the questions about the reading. This unique instance showed me that there are many different answers to a question that I never would have thought of.

My Experience

My Experience at Ursinus has been nothing short of spectacular. The college has challenged me to strive towards my goals, but also supported me throughout. The History department has allowed me to explore my passion for the subject in a supportive and engaging manner.