• Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore


History, Anthropology


Ultimate Frisbee


Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team, Tour Guide


I’ve always loved history and traveling, which is why I want to be an archeologist. That or I just think being in the same profession as Indiana Jones makes me look cooler. I love telling stories, so I try to do a lot of things so I always have a story to relate to a situation. Most of my interesting stories stem from the fact that I am a fool, but it’s my personal belief that everyone needs to be a little foolish every now and again.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

I was doing a presentation on material culture in China, when I compared owning an elaborate Opium pipe in Qing Era China, to modern day guys doing Vape tricks to impress girls at parties.


I will be digging at an Iron Age archeological site in Achill Ireland this summer.

How I Stay Involved

Some of my work as a tour guide means I can end up helping at open houses and other student interest days. When I can I try and visit the History table and lend a helping hand.

My Experience

The History department has been nothing but helpful in regards to my academic learning, and figuring out what I actually want to do with my degree once I graduate. My classes have been tough, but they push me to think about historical events, and how the modern world is impacted by them in ways I never would have thought about before.