• Katie Sanfield

Katie Sanfield


History and Educational Studies


Museum Studies


Gold Ambassadors, Concert Band, School Productions (Theatre), Student Breakaway Productions (Theatre), and always looking to join more!


I like to consider myself a sea otter. I am an outgoing friendly person who loves to embrace new ideas and perspectives. I love to make people smile, and will always be there to brighten someones day. You can find me around campus doing the things I love or hanging out with friends.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

One of my favorite days in my Premodern World History class was when we were discussing the different portraits of Chinese Empress Wu Zetian. The deliberate differences in portraits in the sources we read sparked great discussion on what the intentions were, how they fit different narratives, and how our modern perceptions change our opinions. Discussions like this are very prominent in History courses, and not only do they get you to think a little further outside of the box but they also relate to our modern day society well.


I am looking to student teach, as well as complete an internship in a museum (hopefully at the Smithsonian!). Both are requirements to complete my Education major and Museum Studies minor. Outside of that, I would love to do research or study abroad but have not made plans yet.

How I Stay Involved

While it is not directly through the school, I am currently an employee with the Interactive Education program at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. It allows me to get involved with History and Education in a unique way, and is what sparked my love of museum work. Along with this, I have been able to help a former History Teacher of mine with their lessons, adjusting them depending on the class it is for and creating new activities to teach students effectively.

My Experience

The school has lived up to everything it said it would be. At Ursinus, I have been able to become part of a supportive community, with a well-rounded student body and professors who want to get to know you and help you succeed. The History Department has been the best example of this aspect of the school. I have gotten to know many of the professors, and am a part of a welcoming, motivated group of students.