Dom Cohen ’19

Grad Student, Drexel University Masters in Biotechnology

Dom Cohen’s major at Ursinus was Biology with a focus on molecular studies. He graduated in May 2019. Since graduation, he has been working teaching kids in both technology summer camps and as a substitute teacher of high school level Biology. Dom always knew he wanted to do something with Biology since high school, but never really had a chance to pick a direction to focus in until he got to Ursinus. Right now, his goals are to focus on his academics at Drexel University, where he will be attending for his Masters in Biotechnology, and then transition into a career with a biotech company as either a researcher or a lab technician. In his program, he will be focusing on both the skills and equipment needed for running successful experiments. Dom stated that because of the skills he learned at Ursinus, he’ll “fit perfectly into the workplace” once his program is complete.

“Ursinus was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had because of the freedom to discover what I liked to do and, more importantly, who I was as both a biologist and a person.”