Theater and Dance

  • Justine Cinalli

Justine Cinalli

Justine Cinalli is a senior Dance and Health and Exercise Physiology double major. This is her fourth year performing in UCDC productions.

She grew up dancing in Miami, Florida and was a member of the Miami Youth Ballet. She is grateful to have been part of every UCDC performance throughout her college career while sharing the stage with her peers. She is excited to be a part of this virtual collaboration for an unprecedented Spring UCDC. Justine is looking forward to the next chapter, wherever her dance career takes her.

Last Will and Testament

To people from all walks of life, I leave you forgiveness. However, It’s not just seeking forgiveness, but more importantly, having the ability to forgive and understand. When we hold on to our pain from those who have wronged us, we hinder ourselves from growing and learning life’s most valuable lessons. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult life practices to endure, but it offers the greatest reward of physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom. So harbor not any feelings of ill-will and apologies never received, but rather free yourself and focus on what is under you control.

I leave you humor. A good sense of humor is essential to a happy life. I challenge you to find every opportunity to laugh and live with a light heart. With humor, you can empower others and encourage them to seek happiness for themselves. Your attitude affects everyone around you. Be a humorous influence, and embrace the contagiousness of laughter…because without it, life is dull.

I leave you passion. A life filled with passion is one lived with a purpose. Passion doesn’t come knocking at your door, but instead you must seek it out. Once you find your passion, share it abundantly with others. Care for those around you, and live your passion to the fullest. But don’t wait, for time moves quickly, and you can never reclaim yesterday.