Theater and Dance

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Kiela Brewer

Kiela Brewer is a senior Psychology major with a double minor in Dance and AAAS. She’s from Philadelphia and has been dancing for almost 15 years now.

This will be her second year being involved with UCDC and her third year of being an “honorary” member of EV. Ky is disappointed in her losing the rest of her senior year but more than grateful for the family she has gained within the Arts department. As always, she would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her in her artistic endeavors. She wishes to thank Dr. C and everyone involved in UC dance for pushing her to get back into her passion and to be the dancer she was born to be. Without them, she wouldn’t be the artist she is today.

Last Will and Testament

I leave my laughter. If laughter is the best medicine, then call me a physician. To laugh is to have joy even through the doubts of its absence. There is a warmth and a comfort that comes from laughter. It’s a reassurance of better days. For me to be the one who can provide even the smallest bit of laughter transforms the definition of this characteristic into something more meaningful. I can be the counselor I was put on this earth to be prescribing one of the best therapeutic treatments, hope. I was not meant to use this trait as an advantage for acknowledgement or recognition but rather as a gift utilized as a blessing for those who need it most. I will continue to lift the spirits of those around me, one smile at a time.

I leave my art. With every note that I sing and every move I make, I think about what I am trying to express to others. The message that I want to leave with them. Have faith. Be loved. Live life. Dance fills the void of declaration without words. Sometimes I do not always speak because I believe some things are better voiced through the body. I have a story to tell with the passion I’ve obtained over the years. My art tells you who I am as a person and what, or should I say, who I represent. It brings forth a freedom that I want to leave everyone to encounter.

I leave my love. Love is a strong word that I do not take lightly. Whether it be through an amorous or platonic relationship it is what my Source of Life has shown to me and what I have dedicated my life to show others. My faith, I do not force others to understand nor follow, but rather let them see and feel through my love whether it be those who have done wrong by me, those who have become emotionally outcast, and even the social pariahs. It is not easily obtained nor can it be easily practiced. No one’s morals or outside hues and features should be held against them, but rather appreciated and respected to better “love thy neighbor.”