Theater and Dance

  • Jeniece Butts

Jeniece Butts

Jeniece Butts is a Psychology and Dance double major with a minor in Management Studies.

Jeniece Butts is an up and coming 2020 graduate of Ursinus College. Jeniece is a member of the Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society, an active member of UCDC and Escape Velocity Dance Troupe. Jeniece understands the invaluable impact that the arts have in our everyday life. Her UCDC artistic contributions are stellar. Jeniece is a former member of the Ursinus College Dance Team, she has worked in dining services and as an Ursinus College Campus Safety Dispatcher.

Last Will and Testament

I leave you truth. The ability to be true to yourself and others. Without this you will be living in a comfortable delusion, eventually not knowing what you want. Don’t allow this to happen, please be encouraged to find your truth and live it. While you do this don’t forget to be honest with those around you as well, in order to foster relationships that you can rely on for the years to come.

I leave you awareness. Self-awareness is the first step to continuous growth. To know your motives, feelings, and sense of individuality is a unique feeling that needs to be experienced. You learn from yourself when you can acknowledge what you want from this life. Aside from yourself, you must be aware of those around you as well. Social-awareness is just as important and allows you to gain perspective. Empathy promotes learning from others and yourself.

I leave you responsibility. It is the responsibility of our generation to make sure we create the world we want to live in for years to come. We have the ability to be the change that can save our planet and societies. Don’t sit back and wait for someone else to step forward, take that leap and don’t be afraid to fall. Aim so big that no matter what, you have an impact. Create a world worth living in.