Theater and Dance

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Jacqlyn Henigan

Jacqlyn Henigan is a junior Dance and Health and Exercise Physiology double major.

This is her third year in UCDC and she’s also a member of the Escape Velocity Dance Company, Dance Team, and a sister of Tau Sigma Gamma on campus.

Last Will and Testament

If I have a legacy to leave on the world, it is my philosophy of living in joy and leaving an impact on the people I’ve met.

I leave you ambition. Ambition is something to strive for, a strong desire to achieve a goal. Work hard for something important to you. I have worked hard for my education, in both academics and the arts. Because I believe strongly in my goals, in what I want in the future. Without ambition, you have nothing lighting the fire inside you, you won’t want to achieve anything.

I leave you self-accountability. Responsibility of self is key to staying humble. Hold yourself accountable for your words and your actions. Don’t let anyone step on the self-worth that you’ve built for yourself. It takes a while to build up and seconds to break down. Hold your own and muster the fire inside.

I leave you with learning. Always continue to learn, that should never stop. The world is a vast place with numerous discoveries to be made. Your thirst for knowledge is what keeps the world developing. Keep learning even as you grow old. Use it to your advantage and the world will be grateful.