Theater and Dance

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Cyn Ercole

Cyn Ercole is a junior who is majoring in Psychology with a minor in African American and Africana Studies.

Cyn had no dance experience until she started West African Dance during the fall of her sophomore year. Cyn wanted to take this opportunity to embrace herself in the culture of her roots. She fell in love with learning and dancing to rhythms practiced among the African diaspora. It was an honor to perform Yanvalou last spring and to learn about Haitian culture and dance. After another technical West African Dance class, Cyn is performing again this year with a great group of people. Although we are in digital circumstances, she is still grateful to have the opportunity to self- choreograph movements of her Last Will & Testament this semester, under the instruction and guidance of Mama Jeannine and Baba Ira.

Last Will and Testament

If I have a legacy to leave my people, it is my philosophy of resilience, ambition, and harmony.

I leave you resilience. Hardships and obstacles will arise in life; it’s part of it. It may tear you down and enable you to feel helpless, leaving you at rock bottom. But the point is that these hardships and obstacles test your strength and ability to rise up. Bouncing back is difficult. You will need to gather determination and also patience. You might stumble along the way… But you will push against all odds, rise up to defeat fears and anxieties, and stabilize your mind.

I leave you ambition. Go after your desire for achievement. Grow proud of yourself, even the little things. Document what you are proud of. Write down your dreams and set goals to accomplish. Strive for excellence. Try not to let your fears drown your ability to achieve.

I leave you harmony. Find harmony within yourself. Accept the things you cannot change. You contain both elements of burning passionate fire and collected flow of river streams, grounded by earth and swaying with the wind.