Theater and Dance

  • Kevin Harris II

Kevin Harris II

Kevin D. Harris II is a fourth year transfer student double majoring in Dance and Philosophy.

He was born and raised in the uptown section of Philadelphia where he began his dance journey 7 years ago. When Kevin dances, he refers to himself as Azari, meaning powerful and complete. His goal in life is to teach the future generations how to embrace the idea of demonstrating freedom of expression through movement.

Last Will and Testament

To my generation, I leave you my philosophy of self-awareness.

With self-awareness, one is able to gain an understanding of their past and present, as well as pave the path towards a better future. One cannot practice self-love if they are unable to understand the roots of their insecurities. One cannot work to gain wisdom and knowledge if they fail to understand where they are lacking. One cannot learn how to process and project their emotions if they are unable to understand the roots of turmoil in their lifetime.

To be self-aware is to take responsibility for your own short comings and be willing to change them for the sake of yourself and future generations. For how will you be able to lead others if you cannot lead your own way of thinking onto the right path? You are the future mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents whom the youth will look up to. Do not lead them into the fires of hell for they have done nothing wrong and never asked to be here. If you are going to bring them into this world, give them a life worth living. Change starts internally, change starts with self-awareness, change starts with you.