Theater and Dance

  • chrissy innes

Chrissy Innes

Chrissy Innes is a senior Applied Economics major with a Dance minor.

During her time at Ursinus, she was a dancer and choreographer for the student run dance company, Escape Velocity. She was also a captain for the Ursinus College Dance Team and a sister of Tau Sigma Gamma Sorority. She is thankful for all the opportunities that the dance department has given her. Although she did not get to perform in her last UCDC concert, she is grateful to be able to share her love of dance virtually one last time with the African Dance Ensemble!

Last Will and Testament

I leave you love. No matter the difficulties or the struggles, or buildup of hate, love triumphs all. Love is always building. Love continues to grow. Even with our greatest of enemies, love allows us to forgive. Love is more powerful than you think.

I leave you with hope. Hope that our future generations will continue to move towards living harmoniously. Hope that we move towards acceptance of others, even if their beliefs are far different than our own. Hope that we move towards accepting all cultures and embracing everyone’s background. I hope we continue to move towards a greater future. An even greater world. I hope this with all my heart.

I leave you self-confidence. We live in a world where it is difficult to show our true colors. Whether it is the fear of being judged or being looked down upon. Self-confidence can lead to self-freedom. Freedom to be whoever you want to be.