Theater and Dance

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Zainab Williams

Zainab Williams is a sophomore at Ursinus College majoring in English and Media Communications with minors in Creative Writing, Film Studies, and Music.

Her extracurricular activities include being a Bonner Leader, board member of D.A.R.T., the President of the Rotary club, and a member of the I.F.Y.C. Truly, community service, civic engagement, and art are very important in her life. Zainab’s favorite artistic expression is dance, and the type of spiritual expression that she gets to convey throughout this ensemble makes this a very fulfilling experience.

Last Will and Testament

If I have a legacy to leave the world, I would leave the messages of God and the miracle he has worked in my life. I strive to be an example of his teaching and I would want to leave his light that he has bestowed upon me to give to the world.

Living in servitude to teach his testimony. Living in servitude to his teaching. Expressing and professing his word through my talents in using my gifts to bring people closer to him; fulfilling my purpose.

I leave my faith and anointing to the scorched earth that will have hellish rain until the next Ascension. I’ll leave the world my strength to persevere through tribulation, trials, and temptation, and to choose God above all. Lastly I leave my habit of continuous prayer communication with God to those in need, indebted and lost souls of earth. For the next 3 to 1250 years of his red rain forever and ever amen.