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  • Hugo Montesinos-Yufa
  • Hugo Montesinos-Yufa
  • Dr Christopher Tralie and Dr Hugo Montesinos at the 2019 Ursinus Faculty conference picnic

Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa

Get to know Hugo Moises Montesinos-Yufa

It is not all about numbers with Hugo who joined Ursinus in August of 2019 as an assistant professor of mathematics and computer science. A former world-class roller speed skater, he was once a “public relations” officer at the University of Chicago, a dancer and guitarist. He may even be a master barista…More about Hugo

Spotlight Story

Hugo shared that, though he does not drink coffee, he “prepares a “perfect” micro-foamed (frothed) milk” for his wife’s lattes every morning. His wife, is Assistant Professor of Business and Economics Olga Nicoara, of whom he says “My biggest honor is marrying the love of my life, Olga Nicoara.”

Hugo has many interests and hobbies outside of his academic work. In addition to the speed roller blading, as a child, he tried gymnastics and has also played baseball, tennis, basketball, softball, swimming, and golf. Currently he is an intermediate Table Tennis player too. Look out Lower Wismer! Despite these successes he focused on economics. “After trying sports, I realized that those are hobbies for me and that I am better at academics.” Hugo still enjoys cheering on his favorite sports team, Barcelona FC.

A lover of music, Hugo plays the guitar and organized the formation of TRIPEA, a musical ring which he describes as ”much more than a group”. The members were professors of applied mathematics. “Since none of us were professional musicians, we leveraged our limitations with humor to satisfy our fan club.“ In addition to TRIPEA, Queen tops the list of favorite bands for Hugo.

In addition to music, he loves dancing. As part of the folkloric dance group (MUGA, Grupo the Danzas Tradicionales Venezolanas) he participated in several international dancing competitions.

When asked to share his favorite film, Hugo is unable to select just one. “It is hard to name them all, but here are three that really marked me and sometimes I use in my classes with my students” He selected; It’s a wonderful life (1946), The story of Louis Pasteur (1936), and The artist (2011).

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