Berman Museum

Katelyn Doherty 2020

Artist Profile
  • Major and Graduation Year: Media & Communications, Studio Art Majors, Class of 2021

  • What kind of media do you work in: I work in various media ranging from oil painting, charcoal, and photography. The combination of different media is such an interesting practice that I’ve recently taken interest in.

  • Why do you make art: I make art to challenge the ideas and concepts that our eyes can see. Art helps push those ideas further and create something never seen before. It’s exciting to throw different mediums together and finding new combinations that produce a beautiful outcome.

  • The artist who you find most influential and why: The artist that I find the most influential is Mira Dancy. A professor introduced me to her work last year and I instantly felt connected to her work. She explores ideas that I never imagined and creates her work fearlessly.

  • Briefly describe a recent art-related “Aha!” moment: A recent art aha moment I’ve had was when I started working in Photoshop. I recently started using the software and got super frustrated with it since I couldn’t physically touch it. But then I realized all the endless possibilities that come with it and it inspired me to use it for my work in the upcoming ASE!

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